Rotorua GLO Festival

New Years Eve Festival.


The fireworks and the music are welcoming you to witness the grandeur materializing in the massive halls of entertainment. Get ready to forget all your worries in the bright lights.

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Three Day Festival


30th Dec

The new year is only a day away, and the festival begins to throw at you the multiple colors of fun.


31st Dec

The second day of the major event is all set to imbue the picture with joy and enthusiasm. Explore the day’s activities now.


1st Jan

As the first day of the new year and the last day of the festival, you can expect to have a great time.

The Big Brunch


Skip the fries and eat healthy by opting for the juicy grilled meat and the veggies. Start your meal small.


Skip the fries and eat healthy by opting for the juicy grilled meat and the veggies. Start your meal small.


Quench your thirst and hunger, and step on the floor to dance to the tunes. Lose yourself to all that surrounds.


They have been providing the best services with all the three parties I attended, making it the first choice for every gathering.
April A Mattice

It is the variety of menus and the grandeur of the decorations that make their events worth visiting.
Joyce J Lehn

Parties are painted to perfection with the spices and the colors by entertaining everyone on the floor.

Marceline R Basham

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Fun Facts about Sky City Casino

Fun Facts about Sky City Casino

We all need some time to be ourselves, relax, and live life to the utmost. Take a vacation from our daily routines, spend quality time with family and friends, and remember what it’s like to be a kid again.
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What to Expect at SkyCity Casino

At Sky City Casino, you will have the most incredible time of your life. With more than 2,000 slot machines and 150 table games, you’re guaranteed to find wonderful amusement around every corner.

Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, and Roulette are just a few examples of these games. If you prefer dice games, you will be pleased to learn that this casino offers Snake Eyes and Tai-Sai.

The casino features Rapid Roulette, which you will appreciate if you favour faster-paced games. Sky City Casino has a VIP room with game tables, which are reserved for VIP members. Baccarat is a popular game, with 20 separate playing tables in its room.

Other Casino Attractions

The casino’s culinary choices will astound you, with almost any dish you can think of. The MASU restaurant is a must-visit if you’re in the mood for a Japanese meal. The restaurant is decorated in a traditional Japanese style and includes a full bar.

Shawn Conolly’s famed Australian Born Grill serves lunch and dinner and has the largest selection of meats. You will not only enjoy the meals at Orbit 360 but you will also be fascinated by the spinning intervals that allow you to get the entire scientific picture.

The hotels at Sky City Casino are extraordinarily big, with a five-star rating and practically every amenity you can think of! The Sky City Hotel offers something to offer almost everyone, with a variety of restaurants and even a theatre. Sky City in New Zealand launched an internet casino in 2019 called Sky City On-Line Casino. The Sky City online casino is completely legal and based in Malta, thus it is exempt from New Zealand law.

Sky City Auckland is home to the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest tower, a giant 1,000-foot structure that allows you to catch all of the city’s breathtaking views while also bungee jumping. This casino has a 70,000-square-foot floor, which means there are plenty of areas for everyone to play comfortably. You’ll see that the Sky City Casino has a $500.00 bet limit displayed. The maximum is decided on a case-by-case basis, and each player will be required to present a legal identity the first time they wager more than $500.00.

During lunch and dinner, the chef will present you with a variety of modest plates, allowing you to save room for the delectable sweets. If you have a little pep in your step when visiting the Sky City Casino in New Zealand, be sure to stop by the Rebo Pronto for one of the greatest cups of coffee you’ll ever have. You may also obtain soda and snacks at Rebo Pronto.

And you’ll find an inner sanctuary where you can go for relief when you need to unwind or recover your thoughts.
This establishment specialises in professional treatments for both men and women, as well as Eastern Therapies and therapies for your enjoyment.

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You’ll be properly set up and prepared for your next excursion after this rejuvenating encounter.

Casino Etiquette

At Sky City Casino, all of the hosts take their jobs extremely seriously. They have a standard in minimisation and harm prevention for New Zealand and worldwide as required by law.

Non-smoking spaces are also included in this scheme. Anyone who appears to have had too much to drink and is acting inappropriately will be escorted off the premises. Any patrons spotted begging or loan sharking will be asked to leave immediately.

The Sky City Casino dress code is straightforward, requiring that no gang-related symbols be seen and that no flip-flops be worn between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
Men are not allowed to wear sleeveless shirts, ripped or unclean clothing, or shoes unless they are specifically created for that purpose, and no trade or safety apparel is permitted.
You must also be at least 20 years old to access the Sky City Casino.

When individuals enter the casino, they often discover that it is considerably larger than they anticipated and that there are pokie machines concealed in unexpected places. So, why don’t you make your bookings ahead of time and be ready for the best event of your life? Your family will be eternally grateful to you.

Top Fun Facts about New Zealand and Rotorua you don’t know!

Top Fun Facts about New Zealand and Rotorua you don’t know!

New Zealand is one of the top countries to have a beautiful culture as well as architecture. New Zealand is also famous for having a brand and vast history, as well as cultural attractions. The place is also known for having some of the best national parks, Māori culture, world-class skiing and surfing, and lastly hiking and mountain biking. The place also has got many fun facts and fun things to do, and some of them are listed below. In the following post, we will see some of the fun facts you may or may not know about New Zealand and Rotorua. Without creating any further ado, let us hit the post, shall we?

New Zealand

The country is famous for many things like mentioned before, and it is also famous for many other things like;

Sheep Rule!

The first and foremost one is Sheep Rule! There are only nine sheep that are provided to every people, and it is considered as the top ratio considering all of the societies.

 The Elvish Weather

The second one on the list is how The Elvish Weather was reported. Yes, the country is the first one to broadcast an Elvish language weather report to the people and country.


New Zealand has an avid love for many sports making Golf the forts and the foremost one in the list.

Bungee jumping

The next one on the list is an activity both the tourists, as well as the people even from the country, love to do, and that is none other than bungee jumping.



The Rotorua s a place where you can see a lot of people coming together for various things and activities and some of them are bathing in geothermal water, mud, and mountain biking. There are also many fun facts present in Rotorua, and they are;

  1. The population from Rotorua is considered as the highest populated city from New Zealand
  2. The word, Rotorua is nothing but the second land when transcribed into the Maori language.
  3. The famous lake from New Zealand, Lake Rotorua was formed more than 140,000 years ago.
  4. The youngest geothermal system that is found in the Rotorua is called the Waimangu Volcanic Valley. The valley consists of wildlife and comprising of endangered various species.
  5. those who don’t know, the geothermal wonderland, otherwise called as The Lady Knox Geyser is known to erupt at 10:15 am, once a day.

6. It is said that Rotorua was found approximately more than 600 years ago and ever since then, the land has given birth to various culture, where Maori being the strongest and the powerful of them all.

Top Places to See in Rotorua

Top Places to See in Rotorua

If you want to explore the volcanic landscapes and mud pools of New Zealand while enjoying a long stay in luxurious hotels, Rotorua is a small town that can fit into your bucket list. The nearby lakes and a massive forest area nearby make it a place of history and heritage for the locals. While you are in Rotorua, you can witness some of the best natural wonders that cannot be found anywhere around the world. Here are the top six places in Rotorua to see.

WAimangy Volcanic Valley

Rotorua is popular for its geothermal attractions. You can see the seething mud and steaming silica terraces as you walk across the valley. A tour guide can safely take you through the bizarre terraces of yellow and green colors.

Rotorua Museum

Rotorua Museum

You can also explore the town’s history by visiting its museum, the Rotorua Museum. It stores the cultural history of the place from pre-European times. You will be fascinated by the exhibits inside the museum that tell the story of the people of the pacific.

Te Wairoa

This Christian missionary is one of the oldest missionaries in New Zealand that was established in 1852. A museum on the site has the collectibles of the lost village that were found during the excavations. You can also hike through the walking trails during a sunny day to reach the nearby Wairere Falls. Camping is also allowed with the permission of the guide, although it is safer to find a room for accommodation because of the wild animals.


New Zealand is known for its diverse geographical landscapes, and this place is one of the examples. This place is home to Lady Knox geyser, which erupts at 10:15 am every morning. The water can shoot up to 20 meters. You can find the bubbling mud pools, water pools with a fluorescent green tint, and plenty of colorful trees and areas to get an otherworldly experience.



This tribal village in Rotorua is home to Maori people who are friendly to visitors and are happy to share the history of their culture. You can get a guided tour around the village, witness some great performances by locals, and cook the traditional recipes with them. You can stay overnight in this village at the meeting house.

Hells Gate Geothermal Park

This streaming and boiling waterfall is the hottest waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere, surrounded by bubbling hot mud. It is a true site to have an experience of hells gate. The Kakahi Falls are said to be used by Maori warriors. But today, the temperatures are not suitable for any human to enter the waters. You can visit the Hells Gate Spa facilities nearby to get a glimpse of how the mud baths and sulfurous hot springs will feel.

6 Places to Visit New Zealand

6 Places to Visit New Zealand

New Zealand attracts a lot of tourists due to its diverse geography and different climate zones throughout the year. It is a must-visit place in the bucket list of many travelers. If you are planning to visit New Zealand this year, make sure that you cover at least a few of these destinations in your trip. Here are the places in New Zealand that are best for vacations.

Bay of Islands

Whether it is a family vacation or an escape for couples to spend some time alone, the Bay of Islands is where everyone gets the satisfaction of a vacation. Only three hours of a road trip from Auckland will bring you to these 144 beautiful islands where you can go snorkeling, sailing, fishing, and more.

Milford Sound

Milford Sound

Milford Sound is a beautiful location that is existing from eh times of the Ice Age. Surrounded by cliffs, the clear waters provide epic scenery to the tourists. A boat ride around the waters of Milford Sound, exploring the waterfalls and fresh waters, you will understand why Rudyard Kipling called it the eighth wonder of the world.


If you want to enjoy shopping around, playing at the casino and living a luxury city life for a few days in New Zealand, Auckland is a place for you. Auckland Airport is connected to international flights, so you can arrive straight in the city to start exploring on the first day.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Waitomo Glowworm Caves are something that can disconnect you from the outside world for a while and immerse you into the world of glowworms. It is among the unique places to visit in New Zealand. You can take a boat ride around the caves, and a guide can tell you about its history and science being this unique phenomenon.

Aoraki Mount Cook National Park

Save a morning for a definite visit to the highest mountains in New Zealand. The Aoraki Mount Cook National Park also has the longest glacier in NZ. You can go hiking on a sunny day with ease. There are 23 peaks that you can cover while camping on the way. If you are not looking for a hardcore hike, you can take the boardwalks and trails to roam around the foot of the mountain. Do not forget to see the sunset.



Queenstown is a popular tourism destination for businessmen and wealthy people. It has a reputation for being a comfortable stay during the spring months. It is known for world-class skiing, the SkyCity Casino, river rafting, skydiving, and a lot more. The accommodations are affordable and comfortable for all types of travelers. You can go around the streets to look for some local bars and celebrate with your friends during the nights.

8 Items for Your Next New Zealand Trip

8 Items for Your Next New Zealand Trip

New Zealand can provide a complete traveling destination with glaciers, mountains, and beaches all within the traveling distance of road trips. You can go skiing early morning, and surfing in the evening. Since New Zealand has all climate zones nearby to each other, it needs packing for all seasons. This is a quick packing guide for traveling around the country with ease.

Beach bag

If you are planning to go surfing and snorkeling, you will definitely need a handy beach bag to keep your accessories behind. Bringing your entire bag or suitcase to the beach is not the first suggestion anyone would offer. A quick-dry bag that can keep your phone, wallet, dry towels, etc., is what you will need.

Quick-dry clothes

Quick-dry clothes

You may have to wear the same cloth while traveling from the snowy mountains to the beaches. The chances of getting drenched in mist or rain are pretty high, so we suggest wearing quick-dry clothes that can keep your body dry even in the most humid areas.

Document pouch

All your ID cards print outs, and passport copies should always be in your backpack when you are traveling internationally. Keep your originals in the safest pocket of your backpack while you carry the copies in a document pouch with you.


You may need camping gear if you are not planning to stay in hotels during your journey around New Zealand. Your tour guide may also suggest carrying a tent with you while you are on a road trip. You can camp anywhere on the way as long as you make sure of your safety from the wilds.

Travel umbrella

You will need an umbrella during your trip to New Zealand as the weather can change between different regions. You can always expect a sudden rainfall when you are on the road. A windproof travel umbrella is a must-have accessory for your travel list.

Activated charcoal

Travelers that have been to New Zealand have shared their problem of an upset stomach as the food of New Zealand is different. Activated charcoal can help in better digestion of the new food while you taste the country’s street recipes.

Insect repellant

Just like Australia, New Zealand has its own record for animals, birds, and insects. You can encounter mosquitos and sand-flies throughout your journey. Summer is the season when you need to be extra careful about biting insects. An insect repellent can prevent these attacks and let you have a good holiday.

Water bottle

Water bottle

Having a bottle with a built-in water filter is something that you would love to carry around. You can use it to keep yourself hydrated throughout your journey and also to quickly filter and taste the glacier waters. Filtered water is always safer and is a good idea to keep yourself hydrated.

Best Adventure Activities to Do in Rotorua

Best Adventure Activities to Do in Rotorua

New Zealand has a lot of offer to adventure tourists and travelers. It has all the climate zones and geographical diversity in a compact and enjoyable territory. Rotorua is one of the cities that offer a wide range of attractions for tourists, from sightseeing to adventure sports. If you plan on trying out something that you have not done before, there are adventure sports activities available in Rotorua.

3-Hour Zipline Canopy Tour

Welcome to the Rotorua forest that offers an almost never-ending zipline tour through the woods. It is the online native forest zipline tour available in New Zealand. Enjoy the breathtaking views throughout the tour while you zipline 72 feet above the ground. Keep a lookout for the animals that you may spot during your zipline course.

Rangitaiki Rafting Grade 3-4

If you are looking for something more extreme, you can choose the grade 3 river rafting experience with a grade 4 course in the end. You can raft down the wilderness while you challenge the bouncy waters of the river. Camping facilities are available on both starting and ending points. Free guided training will be provided while taking the full package.

Taupo Tandem Skydiving

Taupo Tandem Skydiving

If nothing motivates you enough and you need to take your adrenaline to the next level, you cannot miss the skydiving experience with Taupo Tandem Skydiving. Freefall from the sky with a stunning view of Lake Taupo, snow-capped volcanoes, and Tongariro National Park. The highest skydive by Taupo Tandem is 18,500 ft. It is an ultimate skydiving location.

Kaituna River Rafting Grade 5

Rotorua has something for the pro river rafters as well. A well-planned track through the highest commercially rafted waterfall will take you on a thrilling professional rafting experience. A series of rapids and calm waters can tire anybody. Be prepared to take this challenge on with your friends, and you flow down the River Kaituna.

Swoop Sky Swing

This is something anyone can do, and yet people back down at the last moments. This sky swing at the Velocity Valley is meant to thrill people with a free fall of 40 meters. The fall can reach a speed of up to 130kmph. You can hike through the Velocity Valley or take a ride from the city to directly reach the Swoop Sky Swing.

Island Tours

Island Tours

If you are more of an explorer than an adventurer, you can go on a jet boat tour to Mokoia Island. It is the home for the most notorious Maori warriors in history and also for the most famous lovers. The island is located in the center of Lake Rotorua and is only reachable by boats. You can visit Mokoia Island as a guest and learn about the tribe and its history. You can experience a unique flora and fauna habitat on the island if you are a good observer. A major part of your expenditure to visit the island goes to the Mokoia Island Trust to maintain and preserve it.

Best Cafés in Rotorua

Best Cafés in Rotorua

If you are planning to spend a good holiday in Rotorua’s small city, it is important that you know about the best places to eat around the city. Cafés are the best dining places around Rotorua, according to most tourists, as they provide a quiet and relaxing time in the middle of beautiful landscapes and away from the noise and traffic. Here are the best coffee houses and restaurants around Rotorua that you can explore.

Lime Cafeteria

An award-winning café that is located near Rotorua lake provides a family-friendly sport for bakery items and hot coffee. The retro-styled space with good service and an open kitchen makes it a perfect place to watch your good being cooked. You can sit inside a well-furnished café or take a seat on the balcony looking over the village and forests.

Lime Cafeteria

Capers Epicurean

Another award-winning café with a reputed coffee recipe also serves organic food made from fresh produce from the village. There are special playrooms for kids in the café to help you relax better. Capers are known for their wide range of gourmet food, but you also cannot miss their hospitality.

Artisan Café

This beautiful café is a family restaurant that provides authentic Rotorua vibes as you enter the café. You can smell the good food in the kitchen while you pick from a wide menu having anything from breakfast to dinner. If you are too confused about what to eat, you can always offer a coffee and a cake slice to enjoy your evening and their service.

Artisan Café

Sequoia Eatery

Sequoia Eatery is located at 10 Tarawera road that provides a hangout place for friends. Although they welcome all size guests, including kids, it is majorly crowded by the youth. You can also book private booths for meetings and family hangouts. You can find a range of foods and daily fresh produce from the farms.

Fat Dog Café and Bar

You can always choose to have more than just coffee when you are at the Fat Dog Café and Bar. Their bar serves a wide variety of beverages with a world-class staff. You can explore their menu to find the right food at any given time of day. You can either stop here for a quick snack or plan an evening with your friends and have a great time over drinks and dinner.

Food Maret Kitchen Café

When you are near the Skyline Gondola exploring the food market, you can take a break at the Food Market Kitchen Café. Get the fresh produce vegetables between your bunds and a delicious cup of coffee waiting for you after your shopping. If you are a bit extra hungry, the café has a fulfilling menu with pizzas, steaks, and local cuisines.

Family Activities Available in Rotorua

Family Activities Available in Rotorua

Rotorua is not hosting the annual New Year Festival this year due to the uncertainly of Covid-19 still existing in New Zealand. Even though the ministry has announced zero new cases of Covid-19, the GLO festival will not happen this year. The festival attracts 15,000 tourists every year to the village of Green to celebrate this traditional festival. A lot of arrangements take place before the final day of the festival. But due to lack of time and previous lockdowns, the management committee cannot fulfill the arrangements this year. Despite these problems, the tourist spots will be open for all. If you have booked your tickets for the festival already, but it has been canceled, here is what you can do during your stay in Rotorua. Here are five family activities to try out this holiday season.


Agrodome is a working farm that hosts a fast-paced sheep show. This may not sound interesting enough at first, but there is a lot more that goes around the place. You can learn about the various sheep breeds of New Zealand, watch the sheepdogs perform their tasks with perfection, and watch sheep shearing demos. Children are allowed to feed the animals and explore the farm.


Skyline Gondola

If you are looking for a luxury family destination, then Skyline Gondola is the place you must take your family to. You get an amazing panoramic view of Rotorua from the top while your kids can be entertained with activities made just for them. The adults can also find themselves some interesting things to do. The top of the gondola sits 500m on the top of Mount Ngogotaha in the west of the city. It is connected to three different adventures – Flying Fox zipline, 4D motion theatre, and Skywing. There is also a mountain bike park if you want to ride through the bike trails. You can always take a break to visit a cafe, restaurant, or bar on the way.

Skyline Gondola

Rainbow Springs

The rainbow springs provide a remarkable natural spot to enjoy for an entire family. There are magical trails made for easy hiking between giant redwood and kauri trees. Take the help of a guide to explore the wildlife, hot water springs, and plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained. A big splash takes you down the waters into a big splash to provide a quick joy ride. The place looks more beautiful and romantic during the nights with under-lit ponds and fairy lights.

The Treewalk

If your family loves to have a good time in the woods and camping, then this is the place that you cannot miss. Enjoy your time walking through the forests and hike through the Redwoods Threewalk for a quite adventurous journey. Soon after reaching the first suspension bridge on the trail, you can expect to see other 22 bridges that will lead you to over 100 years old Redwood trees. It is a great walk to have some alone time with yourself.

Heading Towards the Top 5 Eateries in Rotorua

Heading Towards the Top 5 Eateries in Rotorua

Rotorua is a place that is best suitable for every tourist alike. If you are a geothermal spot lover or food lover, you must visit this place. From indigenous food to modern-day pizzas and other forms of eateries, one can find several varieties of food stations at Rotorua. The place is situated at NewZealand and consists of many destinations if you are a foodie. So, folks, get your forks and knives at steady and let us explore the food cuisines of Rotorua in the following post. Without creating any further ado, let us hit the post, shall we?

Atticus Finch

The first and the topmost destination for food is Atticus Finch. If you a lover of indoor dining and classic food recipes, you must definitely visit Atticus Finch. You will be provided with a deadly combination of beer and savoury recipes to go well with the meal. You can also find Harper Lee, Scout Sangria, and many more classic drinks. If you are just into snacks or feta or aubergine, you must choose Atticus Finch.

Atticus Finch

Ambrosia Restaurant & Bar

You may not have found or dined anywhere as you will do in Ambrosia Restaurant & Bar. It is known as the primarily licensed restaurant in Rotorua. You will find classic traditional furniture along with the local food and the traditional ambience make it perfect for a great visit as well as best suitable for a romantic dinner or a date! You can also see various cuisines from Vietnamese spiced duck breast, Parmesan Gnocchi, and Bacon-wrapped eye fillets. This is a place best for lunch or dinner. You can also get snacks and tapas.

Ambrosia Restaurant & Bar

Abracadabra Café & Bar

If you are looking for a usual dinner date or dine night, you may visit Abracadabra Café & Bar. When you visit the place, you will be offered with beachside aesthetic and whitewashed rooms for a splendid night or lunch. The place is to build attaining inspiration from Morocco, Mexico and Tunisia. The menu consists of kefta tagine and chargrilled mushroom chicken. You can also go for Abracadabra steak.

Mokoia Restaurant

The next one on the list is none other than the Mokoia Restaurant best known for its bold flavours and amazing menu. The Mokoia Restaurant is famous for its rich heritage and Maori culture. You will be provided with best Mokoia salad, Ora king salmon, and lastly, the apple of the eye recipe, the ultimate seafood platter! You will be provided with mussels, squid, prawns, and scallops in the platter.


Pizzeria Imperfetto

The next one on the list is none other than the Pizzeria Imperfetto famous for its Pizzas of course! It may not be the first choice for you, but definitely not the last. It is a place where you will get the authentic place of Italian recipes, especially when it comes to Pizzas!

Top 5 Destinations to Visit at Rotorua

Top 5 Destinations to Visit at Rotorua

Do you like to get lost in nature? Stay away from electronic digital life and indulge in Mother Nature and follow her true spirit? Rotorua is the best place you can visit. Rotorua is a place in New Zealand best famous for its bubbling mud pools, hot springs, as well as shooting amazing geysers. Apart from all these, the place is known to have the essence of the greatest Maori Culture. If you have seen Moana, you may know what Maori culture is all about. The first thing you will notice about them is the fierce and peculiar tattoos you would see on their chin and body.  The place is famous for many other attractions like ‘Nature’s Spa of the South Pacific.’ However, the place also has a lot of other destinations for you to cover, and we will see that in the following post.

Whirinaki Forest Park

The first and the foremost one on the list is none other than the perfect escape to the wildlife, the Whirinaki Forest Park. If you love forest or like anything about bird and animals, this is the best place you can visit. This place is best suitable for hikers, campers, and mountain bikers. They are one of the sights you can see in the Whirinaki Forest Park. This forest park contributes most of the 55,000 hectares.

Whirinaki Forest Park

Tarawera Trail

The second destination you can visit in the Rotorua is none other than the Tarawera Trail. The view you get when you visit this place is breathtaking, and the panoramic view will be astounding, and it is one thing that attracts the tourists to this place. You can set up a camp in the hilly shore and relax, enjoying the beauty of nature. The place is also called as the Hot Water Beach and is best known for its hot spring. You will be able to place your feet in the water and soak. You can see the Tarawera Trail situated in the Lake Tarawera, South of Rotorua.

Kaharoa Conservation Area

There are a lot of endangered birds in the world, and one of the endangered birds comes from New Zealand, and that is none other than the Kokako. This bird is found less than 1, 400 and can be found in the North Island. You will be overwhelmed when you visit the Kaharoa Conservation Area as it is the best place to indulge in the life of birds.

Kaharoa Conservation Area

Whakarewarewa: A Maori Village

The ancient culture in New Zealand named Maori is one of the oldest yet very powerful cultures found in the land. One of its subdivisions named Whakarewarewa is found in the Rotorua place. You will be welcomed to get experience from residents and the way they cook and live according to their culture.

Te Wairoa

The next one on the list is none other than the great Te Wairoa, which was established in the year 1852 and is a small model of Maori village. You can find the destination situated in the Tarawera Road, Rotorua.

Top Free Things to do in Rotorua

Top Free Things to do in Rotorua

Without any doubt, one can say that Rotorua is one of the top places to do amazing activities, especially the activities that are free and adventures. Yes, you heard it right, my folks! There are a lot of amazing activities one can indulge in when you are free and when you are relaxed. Without any further ado, let us see what the amazing things you can do when you are in Rotorua and the things you can do when you are free are. Without creating any further ado, let us hit the post to find out what are these exciting activities are, shall we?


The first and the foremost thing you can do is none other than swimming at the WAI-O-TAPU. You will be provided with an amazing pathway at the entrance of Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland, which leads to this beautiful swimming hole. There are also other places in Rotorua where you can win and find happiness but not for free. Whereas, this destination is free of cost.



New Zealand is a place where you find many fabulous destinations, especially when it comes to mountaineering. Whereas the place, Rotorua is famous for mountain biking as well. Yes, you can do a free mountain biking rally or have fun exploring mountaineering along with biking. Make sure to carry all the needful, as it is going to be a bouncy ride! The place is best suitable for travellers who love mountain biking. Every year the mountains welcome a huge number of tourists as well.


The third one on the list is none other than the great REDWOODS OF WHAKAREWAREWA that is famous for its walking trails and peace and calmness of the forest. This is known as one of the foremost destinations for tourists as it gives you peace and quiet atmosphere, making you get lost n the forest atmosphere. The forest covers more than 5,000-hectare and id best suitable for travellers who love to walk. The forest is long, and there are walk trails and many more exciting things to do when you are in the forest.



The next destination where you can try for free is none other than the LAKE ROTORUA. This famous destination is best suitable for people who love the swiftly flowing water. The lake, LAKE ROTORUA is known as one of the greatest lakes in the world and the second-largest lake in New Zealand. You are sure to see birds as well as birdlife in and around the lake. It is sure to give you a blissful effect no matter what.


The last one on the list is none other than the ROTORUA NIGHT MARKET. One of the reasons why one visits the places, especially foreign land, is to understand how the locals sell and buy local stuff. This is why you have   ROTORUA NIGHT MARKET. The market is open during the night and permits you to shop a variety of things during the night.