New Zealand has a lot of offer to adventure tourists and travelers. It has all the climate zones and geographical diversity in a compact and enjoyable territory. Rotorua is one of the cities that offer a wide range of attractions for tourists, from sightseeing to adventure sports. If you plan on trying out something that you have not done before, there are adventure sports activities available in Rotorua.

3-Hour Zipline Canopy Tour

Welcome to the Rotorua forest that offers an almost never-ending zipline tour through the woods. It is the online native forest zipline tour available in New Zealand. Enjoy the breathtaking views throughout the tour while you zipline 72 feet above the ground. Keep a lookout for the animals that you may spot during your zipline course.

Rangitaiki Rafting Grade 3-4

If you are looking for something more extreme, you can choose the grade 3 river rafting experience with a grade 4 course in the end. You can raft down the wilderness while you challenge the bouncy waters of the river. Camping facilities are available on both starting and ending points. Free guided training will be provided while taking the full package.

Taupo Tandem Skydiving

Taupo Tandem Skydiving

If nothing motivates you enough and you need to take your adrenaline to the next level, you cannot miss the skydiving experience with Taupo Tandem Skydiving. Freefall from the sky with a stunning view of Lake Taupo, snow-capped volcanoes, and Tongariro National Park. The highest skydive by Taupo Tandem is 18,500 ft. It is an ultimate skydiving location.

Kaituna River Rafting Grade 5

Rotorua has something for the pro river rafters as well. A well-planned track through the highest commercially rafted waterfall will take you on a thrilling professional rafting experience. A series of rapids and calm waters can tire anybody. Be prepared to take this challenge on with your friends, and you flow down the River Kaituna.

Swoop Sky Swing

This is something anyone can do, and yet people back down at the last moments. This sky swing at the Velocity Valley is meant to thrill people with a free fall of 40 meters. The fall can reach a speed of up to 130kmph. You can hike through the Velocity Valley or take a ride from the city to directly reach the Swoop Sky Swing.

Island Tours

Island Tours

If you are more of an explorer than an adventurer, you can go on a jet boat tour to Mokoia Island. It is the home for the most notorious Maori warriors in history and also for the most famous lovers. The island is located in the center of Lake Rotorua and is only reachable by boats. You can visit Mokoia Island as a guest and learn about the tribe and its history. You can experience a unique flora and fauna habitat on the island if you are a good observer. A major part of your expenditure to visit the island goes to the Mokoia Island Trust to maintain and preserve it.