New Zealand is one of the top countries to have a beautiful culture as well as architecture. New Zealand is also famous for having a brand and vast history, as well as cultural attractions. The place is also known for having some of the best national parks, Māori culture, world-class skiing and surfing, and lastly hiking and mountain biking. The place also has got many fun facts and fun things to do, and some of them are listed below. In the following post, we will see some of the fun facts you may or may not know about New Zealand and Rotorua. Without creating any further ado, let us hit the post, shall we?

New Zealand

The country is famous for many things like mentioned before, and it is also famous for many other things like;

Sheep Rule!

The first and foremost one is Sheep Rule! There are only nine sheep that are provided to every people, and it is considered as the top ratio considering all of the societies.

 The Elvish Weather

The second one on the list is how The Elvish Weather was reported. Yes, the country is the first one to broadcast an Elvish language weather report to the people and country.


New Zealand has an avid love for many sports making Golf the forts and the foremost one in the list.

Bungee jumping

The next one on the list is an activity both the tourists, as well as the people even from the country, love to do, and that is none other than bungee jumping.



The Rotorua s a place where you can see a lot of people coming together for various things and activities and some of them are bathing in geothermal water, mud, and mountain biking. There are also many fun facts present in Rotorua, and they are;

  1. The population from Rotorua is considered as the highest populated city from New Zealand
  2. The word, Rotorua is nothing but the second land when transcribed into the Maori language.
  3. The famous lake from New Zealand, Lake Rotorua was formed more than 140,000 years ago.
  4. The youngest geothermal system that is found in the Rotorua is called the Waimangu Volcanic Valley. The valley consists of wildlife and comprising of endangered various species.
  5. those who don’t know, the geothermal wonderland, otherwise called as The Lady Knox Geyser is known to erupt at 10:15 am, once a day.

6. It is said that Rotorua was found approximately more than 600 years ago and ever since then, the land has given birth to various culture, where Maori being the strongest and the powerful of them all.