New Zealand can provide a complete traveling destination with glaciers, mountains, and beaches all within the traveling distance of road trips. You can go skiing early morning, and surfing in the evening. Since New Zealand has all climate zones nearby to each other, it needs packing for all seasons. This is a quick packing guide for traveling around the country with ease.

Beach bag

If you are planning to go surfing and snorkeling, you will definitely need a handy beach bag to keep your accessories behind. Bringing your entire bag or suitcase to the beach is not the first suggestion anyone would offer. A quick-dry bag that can keep your phone, wallet, dry towels, etc., is what you will need.

Quick-dry clothes

Quick-dry clothes

You may have to wear the same cloth while traveling from the snowy mountains to the beaches. The chances of getting drenched in mist or rain are pretty high, so we suggest wearing quick-dry clothes that can keep your body dry even in the most humid areas.

Document pouch

All your ID cards print outs, and passport copies should always be in your backpack when you are traveling internationally. Keep your originals in the safest pocket of your backpack while you carry the copies in a document pouch with you.


You may need camping gear if you are not planning to stay in hotels during your journey around New Zealand. Your tour guide may also suggest carrying a tent with you while you are on a road trip. You can camp anywhere on the way as long as you make sure of your safety from the wilds.

Travel umbrella

You will need an umbrella during your trip to New Zealand as the weather can change between different regions. You can always expect a sudden rainfall when you are on the road. A windproof travel umbrella is a must-have accessory for your travel list.

Activated charcoal

Travelers that have been to New Zealand have shared their problem of an upset stomach as the food of New Zealand is different. Activated charcoal can help in better digestion of the new food while you taste the country’s street recipes.

Insect repellant

Just like Australia, New Zealand has its own record for animals, birds, and insects. You can encounter mosquitos and sand-flies throughout your journey. Summer is the season when you need to be extra careful about biting insects. An insect repellent can prevent these attacks and let you have a good holiday.

Water bottle

Water bottle

Having a bottle with a built-in water filter is something that you would love to carry around. You can use it to keep yourself hydrated throughout your journey and also to quickly filter and taste the glacier waters. Filtered water is always safer and is a good idea to keep yourself hydrated.