If you are planning to spend a good holiday in Rotorua’s small city, it is important that you know about the best places to eat around the city. Cafés are the best dining places around Rotorua, according to most tourists, as they provide a quiet and relaxing time in the middle of beautiful landscapes and away from the noise and traffic. Here are the best coffee houses and restaurants around Rotorua that you can explore.

Lime Cafeteria

An award-winning café that is located near Rotorua lake provides a family-friendly sport for bakery items and hot coffee. The retro-styled space with good service and an open kitchen makes it a perfect place to watch your good being cooked. You can sit inside a well-furnished café or take a seat on the balcony looking over the village and forests.

Lime Cafeteria

Capers Epicurean

Another award-winning café with a reputed coffee recipe also serves organic food made from fresh produce from the village. There are special playrooms for kids in the café to help you relax better. Capers are known for their wide range of gourmet food, but you also cannot miss their hospitality.

Artisan Café

This beautiful café is a family restaurant that provides authentic Rotorua vibes as you enter the café. You can smell the good food in the kitchen while you pick from a wide menu having anything from breakfast to dinner. If you are too confused about what to eat, you can always offer a coffee and a cake slice to enjoy your evening and their service.

Artisan Café

Sequoia Eatery

Sequoia Eatery is located at 10 Tarawera road that provides a hangout place for friends. Although they welcome all size guests, including kids, it is majorly crowded by the youth. You can also book private booths for meetings and family hangouts. You can find a range of foods and daily fresh produce from the farms.

Fat Dog Café and Bar

You can always choose to have more than just coffee when you are at the Fat Dog Café and Bar. Their bar serves a wide variety of beverages with a world-class staff. You can explore their menu to find the right food at any given time of day. You can either stop here for a quick snack or plan an evening with your friends and have a great time over drinks and dinner.

Food Maret Kitchen Café

When you are near the Skyline Gondola exploring the food market, you can take a break at the Food Market Kitchen Café. Get the fresh produce vegetables between your bunds and a delicious cup of coffee waiting for you after your shopping. If you are a bit extra hungry, the café has a fulfilling menu with pizzas, steaks, and local cuisines.