If you want to explore the volcanic landscapes and mud pools of New Zealand while enjoying a long stay in luxurious hotels, Rotorua is a small town that can fit into your bucket list. The nearby lakes and a massive forest area nearby make it a place of history and heritage for the locals. While you are in Rotorua, you can witness some of the best natural wonders that cannot be found anywhere around the world. Here are the top six places in Rotorua to see.

WAimangy Volcanic Valley

Rotorua is popular for its geothermal attractions. You can see the seething mud and steaming silica terraces as you walk across the valley. A tour guide can safely take you through the bizarre terraces of yellow and green colors.

Rotorua Museum

Rotorua Museum

You can also explore the town’s history by visiting its museum, the Rotorua Museum. It stores the cultural history of the place from pre-European times. You will be fascinated by the exhibits inside the museum that tell the story of the people of the pacific.

Te Wairoa

This Christian missionary is one of the oldest missionaries in New Zealand that was established in 1852. A museum on the site has the collectibles of the lost village that were found during the excavations. You can also hike through the walking trails during a sunny day to reach the nearby Wairere Falls. Camping is also allowed with the permission of the guide, although it is safer to find a room for accommodation because of the wild animals.


New Zealand is known for its diverse geographical landscapes, and this place is one of the examples. This place is home to Lady Knox geyser, which erupts at 10:15 am every morning. The water can shoot up to 20 meters. You can find the bubbling mud pools, water pools with a fluorescent green tint, and plenty of colorful trees and areas to get an otherworldly experience.



This tribal village in Rotorua is home to Maori people who are friendly to visitors and are happy to share the history of their culture. You can get a guided tour around the village, witness some great performances by locals, and cook the traditional recipes with them. You can stay overnight in this village at the meeting house.

Hells Gate Geothermal Park

This streaming and boiling waterfall is the hottest waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere, surrounded by bubbling hot mud. It is a true site to have an experience of hells gate. The Kakahi Falls are said to be used by Maori warriors. But today, the temperatures are not suitable for any human to enter the waters. You can visit the Hells Gate Spa facilities nearby to get a glimpse of how the mud baths and sulfurous hot springs will feel.